November 23, 2017

Holiday Eating Survival Guide

Its that time of the year again, its gotten a little chillier, the days are shorter and end of year is close.  You can smell the […]
August 29, 2017

Homemade popcorn

This is a delicious easy to make snack, its gluten free, dairy free, it takes 10 minutes to prepare and it is soooo good. You’ll need […]
August 22, 2017

Snack time Crisis.

So lets be honest: Food store shopping on a diet can be very difficult. There is a saying that you should never go food store shopping […]
August 3, 2017

This isn’t your Grannies Macaroni

One of the ways to healthier eating, is to make your daily meals a little healthier. In some cases, especially if you don’t like to cook can […]
July 27, 2017

12 commandments by Michael Pollan

Have you ever heard of Michael Pollan. He writes books about food and our relationships with food. One of the biggest problems we as humans have […]
July 20, 2017

If you must go to Wendy’s then please order the salad!

Last night my four children were whining I had forgotten to defrost dinner. Hmmmm sounds like chaos in the works. I was tired and so my […]
March 22, 2017

Does size matter?

Portion Size that is! When it comes to weight control and overall health, it is important to pay close attention to portion sizes (the amount of […]
February 20, 2017

Make your meals at home

Make your meals at home Being in charge of your food and preparing meals ahead of time is one of the best ways to stay on […]
February 13, 2017

Healthy Eating Tips

Have a plan Like anything in life, you are more likely to succeed when you have a clear map of how you will reach your goal. […]
January 5, 2017

Eating Healthy in Nassau “Smooth Moves Cafe”

Smooth Moves Cafe is located inside Jemi Health and Wellness in Caves Village. They are open from 8am to 2pm Mondays to Fridays. Please feel free to […]
January 3, 2017

Field to Fork Community Farm

Even here in the Bahamas we have amazing access to seasonal fruits and vegetables, and we even have Farmers Markets where we can experience choosing your […]
December 1, 2016

Is there such a thing as a Good Fat?

Good Vs. Bad Fats Since the late 1970’s there has been much controversy and misunderstanding about fats in our diet. At that time, little was known […]