Healthy Eating Tips

Healthy Eating Tips

Have a plan

Like anything in life, you are more likely to succeed when you have a clear map of how you will reach your goal. The same applies to eating well and making good food choices. Whether it’s working with a nutritionist or dietician to create a meal plan, or by simply making a list of foods that you know you should eliminate from your diet, you can begin taking steps to making a change.

For example, if you normally eat only one serving of vegetables per day and you want to increase it to the recommended five servings per day you must create a plan of how you will achieve that goal. Perhaps you would consider your normal day of eating and think of a way to include one serving of vegetables at each meal, plus one serving for a snack each day.  So for example if you know that today you need to eat two servings of veggies or fruit, take an apple or a banana to work and use it as a snack option. Then in the evening add a salad to your dinner. Making smart choices, changing your habits and your life will slowly change.