Holiday Eating Survival Guide

Holiday Eating Survival Guide

Its that time of the year again, its gotten a little chillier, the days are shorter and end of year is close.  You can smell the scent of pine from the Christmas tree stands, decorations going up everywhere you go. Green and red have become the colors of the season, and the parties are slowly trickling in.

Office parties, after school kids events, recitals, brownies, cupcakes, christmas cookies, sweet sodas, juice. You name it and you are probably going to have it served on the tables. You’ve spent the beginning of the year going to the gym or being sporty, eating properly and pretty much feeling amazing. And then……

Office parties which are so much fun, but sometimes one gets overwhelmed by the amount of food and the merriness. Slow down and enjoy. One of the hardest parts is arriving hungry to a venue, especially when finger food is being served because no one can control themselves when it comes to finger food. So maybe eat something at home before you go to the event, something solid preferably a protein so you feel fuller longer.

Stay away from the food tables, don’t stand near them because temptation is hard. I know how hard it is to stand next to that line of ribs, macaroni, bread, ham and fried chicken and say no. When you go to serve yourself make smart choices, small amounts of the things you know you will regret later.

Don’t have seconds. This is one of the best rules make sure you don’t go for seconds. When you are at the buffet look hard and look long, make good choices fill up with greens (salads and veggies), and proteins, try keep the carbs down to the minimum.

Enjoy. Do enjoy yourself, have a glass of whatever but like everything we are doing now, try for balance.

Exercise. Probably the most important is try not to give up on the exercise. Its a great way to help control what keep going into your body.

Office Christmas cookies and whats not, try not to indulge, move away from the table. Choose your battles if its your absolute favorite cookie, snack etc of all time, by all means indulge, but if it really isn’t all that wouldn’t you prefer waiting for something that really tempts your tooth.

So in conclusion:

  • don’t stop exercising
  • choose your sweet battles
  • make smart food decisions
  • stay away from the food tables.
  • Enjoy.

Have a great Holiday Season!!!!!