If you must go to Wendy’s then please order the salad!

If you must go to Wendy’s then please order the salad!

Last night my four children were whining I had forgotten to defrost dinner. Hmmmm sounds like chaos in the works. I was tired and so my brain thought, “why don’t we go to Wendy’s”. Hmmm have any of you had that idea recently? Well you don’t need to tell me at 6pm the drive thru line was like a mile long. So since I understand your predicament, but I also know that on a diet of Wendy’s burgers and fries we are going to get nowhere trying to get fit, lets try make some smart choices. With all the fast food we have around us, it is very difficult to make smarter choices, and with long work days, short exercise times and life as we live it, fast food has become a crutch. Its fast, its hot and boy is it tasty.

I personally hate counting calories, I think its counter productive to be adding and subtracting all day, but then I am not very good with numbers. (I am not a nutritionist, and I do know that there are many programs that work, so if it works for you awesome!) But I do like the theory that states:

“don’t eat anything that your grandmother wouldn’t recognize”,

and if you are very young then your great grandmother. Sometimes I think that if I showed my grandmother a chicken nugget, she would faint. So when it comes to smarter choices, if you have to go to Wendy’s because its been one of those days, order a salad, any one. Or eat a hamburger, or fries but not both. Whats your favorite choose that. Buy a water, you don’t need anymore sugar in your blood. Thats called having your cake and eating it too!!!