Personal trainer = Miracle Worker?

Personal trainer = Miracle Worker?

Lets make sure we make something crystal clear, a personal trainer is not a miracle worker. The key to personal training is that you usually get more results if you put more effort you put into your workouts, personal trainers are there to guide you, help you and motivate you. But like everything in life they need you to pull your weight.

Now that I have thrown that out their for your perusal, we can get down to business.

People always want to know how quickly will I get results from a Personal Trainer.

Once you signed up for a personal trainer usually means that finally you want to get serious, and this is the first and most importante step. Then you need to choose a personal trainer. Most gyms will offer personal training services or if not they can give you numbers of personal trainers. Its a good idea to know what you want, do you want to get fit, lose weight, tighten up, are you training for something specific? All of the above? Then make sure you explain what you are looking for your trainer will take it from there.


They are directly proportionate to how much time you put into the gym, and how you behave outside of the gym. If you are truly looking to transform your body its a good time to look into a nutritionist who can help you to make better food choices and help you to become more accountable to what you are putting in your body.