Snack time Crisis.

Snack time Crisis.

So lets be honest: Food store shopping on a diet can be very difficult.

There is a saying that you should never go food store shopping on an empty stomach. There is scientific proof that people will make bad food decisions at the supermarket if they go in hungry, so you can imagine what happens when you got to eat lunch or dinner on a very empty stomach.  So if you are on a diet, cutting down on processed food, trying to amp up your nutritional intake or all of the above you need to make smart choices at the food store to make sure you don’t find yourself in other places making the wrong decisions. You want to arrive at meals hungry but not ravenous.

This is where smart snack decisions are key. Its usually easier for people to follow smart food choices during big meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, the real problem arises at snack time. Snack time makes for bad decisions, you find yourself somewhere where their are no healthy options and you start foraging for something to hit that sweet spot. Key word “sweet spot”.

So how do we fix this?

  • have healthy snacks ready to take with you to work, or out.
    • almonds, raisins, peanuts, apples, bananas, oranges: these are easy to purchase and put into your bag, they require minimum preparation and are delicious any time of the day.
    • homemade granola bars, healthy instant soups.
    • popcorn : buy the popcorn kernels and make popcorn at home, its simple and easy to make.
    • oatmeal packs: you can buy them pre-made or make them at home.
    • carrot and celery sticks with dip.

These ideas will help you to curb your munchies and keep you on the right track.