This isn’t your Grannies Macaroni

This isn’t your Grannies Macaroni

One of the ways to healthier eating, is to make your daily meals a little healthier. In some cases, especially if you don’t like to cook can be very difficult. But most people who are looking to lose weight or get more healthy can try certain tricks to boost the nutrients in the daily foods they eat.

One of my personal favorite meals in the Bahamas is Macaroni and cheese, it is something I just can’t get enough of. Any event where it will be served you know I will have a big square on my plate. Whenever I attempt to recreate it, it just doesn’t come out as delicious as I would like. But you can’t everything you want. So I thought surely there are lots of people out there who love their macaroni and cheese Bahamian style, but since my recipe is probably not as good as yours, I am going to give you some tips on how to make yours a little healthier.

When you tweak a recipe to make it healthier sometimes people think, “its going to be disgusting”.  Well I am here to tell you thats not true. It might be different, but it will be delicious.

Here are some tips to make your macaroni and cheese a little more nutritious.

  • Make it with whole wheat pasta, whole-wheat pasta adds robust flavor and extra fiber to your dish—you’ll more than double the amount of fiber per cup of whole-wheat pasta versus traditional refined white pasta.
  • Replace the evaporated milk with skimmed evaporated milk. Yes I didn’t think it existed either.
  • Add pureed squash you have to remove some of the liquid if you do this, but it already has the orange color so it blends right in.

Also this is a great meal within it self, in the Bahamas we consider it a side, but a square of Macaroni and Cheese with a green salad makes a mean full meal!

So it might not be your grannies mac and cheese but it might be something that you can eat knowing that at least it is a little bit more nutritious.