What is TRX?

Remember the last time you walked into the gym and you saw some yellow and black straps hanging from the ceiling. That is the “TRX” Strap. TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise, basically its a full-body workout (yes full-body) that uses your own body weight instead of machines, weights etc. You do not require any equipment or additional accessories except for your hands and feet.

Basically the straps are hung from a high position and then you do a variety of reps of each exercise using your own body weight. Trust me its not as easy as it looks but totally worth the effort.

The pro’s are that although the workouts are hard, there are easier versions of each exercise while one works up to the harder ones. Total use of your core, increased flexibility, you are constantly stretching between intervals, many people feel more flexible after beginning TRX.

For women especially its an exercise where you don’t bulk up, using your own weight with more reps helps you lengthen your muscles vs expanding them.

If you want to learn more sign up for a TRX class. There are a variety of gyms across the country that have the class, try it out and see where it takes you.