Why is it so hard to breath when I run?

Why is it so hard to breath when I run?

I just can’t catch my breath

I feel like my lungs are going to jump out of my chest

I get so unmotivated because I can’t keep running because I can’t breathe

Have you ever heard or even thought these things while running. Well first of all, this usually happens to all of us when we first start out running, the main reason is because we aren’t fit. Secondly you are probably doing it wrong. Remember in high school when they made you run those horrible races, and the same people always won. Most of us were taught to breathe through our noses when we ran, personally that never worked, I have some good news for you all. Breath through your mouth. Why? Your mouth is bigger, more oxygen gets faster into your lungs, and you need as much a possible, if you can use both great, but if not the mouth is were its at.

Try to create a pattern with your breathing, 2 in 2 out, not only will it settle you down and help you relax your breathing it will give you something else to think about. Also start small, when running you want to get to a place where you enjoy it and it gives you the maximum return. Start with short jogs with walking intervals to “catch your breath” so to speak. Breathing is pretty important for the long term. So don’t be so hard on yourself, just try pushing yourself a little more each time.

Another tip is breathe from your abdomen, instead of your chest. Breathing through your chest usually creates whats called shallow breathing and you feel like you just can’t take a deep breath. Focus on breathing through your abdomen, if you don’t know exactly how to do that, the best thing is to lay down on the floor and put your hand on your belly and slowly breathe in and out trying to inflate your belly vs your chest. You can also try yoga and swimming to practice rhythmic ¬†breathing.

At the beginning the main reason you will have trouble breathing is because you are lacking endurance, so keep going you will get fit and you will catch up with your breath. Happy running!!