Zumba Flex Fitness @ Club One Fitness Centre

Zumba Flex Fitness @ Club One Fitness Centre

So many reasons to try new exercise classes!.

Zumba Flex Fitness is a uniquely fun and intense workout session that combines the high energy calorie torching dance moves of Zumba, with sculpting and strength building power moves of circuit training. Fun and fabulous!

January 20th Club One Hosted Dekel Nesbitt a.k.a BowFlex Barbie and Patrice Murrell Zumba guru for their Zumba Flex Fitness, it was an amazing success, fast, fun and sweaty. Here are a few words as to how this exercise idea came to life:

Patrice Murrell:

“The idea of Zumba Flex Fitness came about after Dekel Nesbitt (BowFlex Barbie) and I met as guests on Melissa Deidre’s radio show “Pink Press”. During the interview we found out that both of us lost our mothers to breast cancer and both have a background and passion for fitness. It was then that discussions began about us merging our skills together to create a unique fitness experience. Since the decision was made we have received an overwhelming amount of interest and support, especially since the sessions involve two unique and high intensity workout programs that people enjoy. Of course because we both share a bond for a charity that is very close to our hearts, it wasn’t a second thought to donate part proceeds to the cancer society. We are extremely grateful for the support we’ve received thus far and hope that this is just the beginning of a great partnership with Club One and other organizations to offer a fun and intense workout experience.”

The class was a complete success!!!