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Burning off that extra energy at home

You may be in self-isolation or quarantined. Your kids are off school, you might be working from home. You might be stressed, or just overwhelmed. Here are some at-home tips to keep everyone fit and happy.

You can’t go to the gym. With the next couple of weeks creating havoc on our routines, with much uncertainty, and really not knowing what’s going on, we need to focus on what we can control. We can control what we put in our mouths, we can control what we put in our heads, we can control how we take care of our bodies. So instead of focusing on things that are out of our hands let’s keep it real with what we do have.

The good news is that the internet is full of HIIT workouts, new exercises, you name it you can find it. I am attaching a few excellent YouTube videos that can help with starting the search. It may not be the same as going to the gym, but it will help for now.

What you may need:

  • Yoga mat (optional)

  • Music (your favourite playlist)

  • Kids (optional)

1st Plan

(24 minute HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training))

Exhaust your kids and get your cardio up.

Choose your favourite song, that one that makes you sing out loud and get your cardio on.

Dance like no one is watching for about 5 minutes. Get your heart beat up, let you kids jump around and giggle as mom or dad get their groove on. Get warm, shake it up, circle your arms, your legs, your ankles.

Warmup (5 minutes)

Put a 5-minute timer on your phone, or an egg timer whatever you have, you can even use songs that have the approximate time. Please for all of you who have never done one of these. Be careful, don’t do anything that hurts.

Series 1: (5 minutes)

30-second plank

15 old school crunches

10 Burpees

15 sumo squats

Repeat these until the 5 minutes are up.

Take 1-minute rest.

Series 2: (5 minutes)

10 jumping jacks

10 push-ups

20 walking alternative lunges

10 mountain climbers

Repeat these until the 5 minutes are up.

Take 1-minute rest.

By now you should be sweating up a storm. Now time to repeat series 1 and 2 again.

Let your kids join in.

Stretch (10 minutes)

Once you have finished the total workout. Now time to stretch. Make sure to stretch, arms, legs hold each stretch for about 15 seconds for each side.

So how do you feel? Better. Good.

YouTube videos: for inspiration

HIIT Workouts:





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