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Its the "Listen to your Body" Season

Just like the environment here on earth goes through seasonal changes, your body does too. What worked for you in spring and summer might not work for you in the fall… and that’s OK! Don’t force it! Tuning into the seasons (and your body) and switching it up can actually be a healthy thing. So, no judgment!

Depending on your body, the stage of life you’re in, what you’ve got going on, etc., this might be a slower season for you… you could find yourself gravitating toward yoga, gentle stretching, or maybe some

Pilates. Forcing yourself to do Spin at a time in which your body is asking for softness is a surefire way to not stay on track, so try to tune in as best you can to your personal needs.

Conversely, if you spent the past several months on a Vinyasa Flow bender, perhaps this is the time you want to try something different, something even more energizing and challenging, like BodyPump or Hi NRG.

The key, regardless of the specifics here, is to tune into your body, your mind, and your needs. What feels good? What are you feeling called toward? What doesn’t feel good, and what do you want to avoid? This is a powerful tool when used correctly!

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