The New Normal

For the first week of opening: 

Only 40 members are allowed on the main gym floor at once. Spots are limited to 40 

persons at a time. You must book your spot in advance via our website or via telephone. People who are late or do not show up within the first 10 minutes will lose their spot and a waitlist will be provided in case of spaces become available.



Everyone who had leftover days and had less than 30 days left in their membership will be required to buy a new membership, ALL OF THE REMAINING days that were on your previous membership will be added to the end of your New Membership Purchase. (For example: if you had purchased a 1-month membership and used 10 days of it before March 21st) You will have to buy a 1-month membership and 20 days will be added onto it. 


Request: We humbly ask members to support the gym. After being closed for so long we ask that if you are in the position to not reclaim your lost days we greatly appreciate it.


•  Social Distancing: Minimum  6 Feet.

•  Wear a mask at all times, except when on cardio machines.

•  Use your hand sanitizer often.

•  Members are required to wipe down machines before and after they use it. Hygiene products and paper towels will be provided around the floor.

•  No sitting or loitering in the bathroom or at the entrance

•  Do not touch your face or cough in anyone's direction


Each member must bring:

  • Own mask

  • Own Towel

  • Own water bottle

  • Hand sanitizer

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